Mathraki island belongs to Diapontia group of islands, a group of three tiny islands that are located north of Corfu, on the north westernmost spot of Greece. 

Mathraki is the smallest of the Diapontia islands and it is surrounded by many sea rocks. There is very little recorded history about this island and it believed that the first settlers came here after the 17th century. Mathraki owns the islet of Diaplo with the small church of Aghios Nikolaos built during the Venetian period. Mathraki is accessable three times per week in summer from the port in Corfu Town, Sidari and Agios Stefanos (Avlioton). During winter the service is twice per week. It can be reached by a 45-minute boat ride from the coast of Corfu.

Approaching Mathraki by boat, the first thing we will notice is its white beach. From the port one can walk to the two villages of the island, Ano and Kato Mathraki. Built high amongst the trees, they offer views towards the coast of Corfu. The villages of the island are beautiful with well maintained gardens filled with flowers. Tavernas and cafeterias offer food to visitors.
Above the port can be seen the two hotels situated close to the beach.

Mathraki island is secluded, totally off the tourist map. Few tourists come here to spend their summer holidays on this  island. Mathraki has formally about 300 inhabitants. However, only about 20 villagers live permanently on the island due to the weather during which the island's small harbour becomes the only safe haven. The main economic activities on the island are agriculture and fishing. 

With a surface area of 3 sq km and few permanent residents, this island offers its visitors peace and privacy. Mathraki is a beautiful A narrow road connects the port and the main village. From this road, small paths lead to different part of the islands, like beaches, bays and small harbours.

Mathraki island is a paradise for hikers and tourists looking to get away from the summer rush of the other Greek islands. The island interior is rich in flora, with groves of olive trees and pine trees. The beautiful beach of Portello lays on the north-east of the island. It is a very long sandy beach that covers most of the north eastern part of the island. The beach has fine sand and gently slopes into the sea, which makes it very safe for swimmers. Portello is a great place, where tourists can enjoy the treasures of nature in their own privacy. Other beaches on Mathraki island are smaller and have rocks on the shore, unlike Portello which has fine sand. Arvanitiko, Agouridi and Kontrakas offer wild sceneries to relax, but access there is done either on foot or by boat. Tourist facilities on Mathraki island are few, as it receives a limited number of visitors. 


The big festival of Mathraki takes place every July, attracting mainly residents and tourists from Corfu who arrive on the island to participate in the revelry that include eating, drinking and dancing till morning. A boat returns to the mainland about 2 AM