Diapontia islands are a complex, northwest of Corfu & compose of the inhabited islands Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki. 

The islands are rich in vegetation and have beautiful beaches and sea caves. The island of Erikoussa is on the most northern of Diapontia islands. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in oil industry, fishery and tourism. The island has only one port, Porto, which constitutes its main settlement, it is picturesque and has a nice beach. Erikousa has a brief documented history.
As early as 1AD and 2AD Plinius and Ptolemy referred to the island as Ericusa. The island is also referenced on old foreign maps with the name Marlera, derived from Mare (sea). The island was said to be once deserted and later re-inhabited by families coming from Paxos. According to a medieval sailing chart the island had already been inhabited towards the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century as the chart refers to the island’s church and the location where “ships anchor on the side of the south winds ….. and the well lies outside the church square.” Years ago the island was also referred to as Riki, after the scented heath growing everywhere on the island, even on the beaches, most likely indicating the origin of its name. Today, The Island is inhabited by people who have connections with the USA. A few years back, George Bush Senior  & Dukakis spent a holiday there. There is one hotel, and a couple of stores here. There are 2 boats that take passengers to the Island on various days of the week. If wanting to visit check times and days of travel at the Ayios Stefanos port.