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On Corfu there are many taxis (more than 300) circulating. For quick service it is best to catch a taxi at the taxi stands (at Spianada, Neo Limani (New Port), Spilia, San Rocco) or call a radio taxi.

Taxis 33811-2, 41333, 38071

Taxis are easy to flag down or one can be called for you. There are also taxi ranks in Corfu Town. Make sure the meter is down or a price agreed before setting out. Our local Taxi Company is run by Tassos and he would probably have arranged for your taxi to/from the airport if you had requested one from us. We have dealt with him for many years. With our accommodation we can arrange a Taxi to ensure it is waiting for you, be the plane 3 hours late or not, day or night, he will be there for you.

In Ayios Stefanos, Tassos, also owns Kapetanios and can be found there. Not much point in ringing him as he only speaks a little English. An easier option for you is to order the taxi through any Travel Agent or at your accommodation.

Taxi fares are about:-Start     €1.2

                                        1 Km   €1.2

                                        Waiting €12 per hour

The fare Ayios Stefanos-Airport or Town is +/- €55 in 2014


Boat trips

The bottom line is that there are only two boats that go to the islands of Matraki, Orthoni and Erikousa from Ayios Stefanos and Sidari Harbour. One is the local service (Ay. Stefanos) and the other is a tourist boat (Sidari). The boat names are Nearchos and Pegasus. To get to the Ay. Stefanos harbour go along the road past Nafsika Hotel then to the right of the little church, pass Villa Quietude and the harbour is about 480 yards (440 meters) further on. Travel agents use these boats for their tours but when booking you obviously pay extra. What is not mentioned is that you can purchase a ticket directly when boarding the boat.

Schedules do change and it is worth while checking both departure times and destination. We would give times & destinations but they keep changing.

This harbour is the third to be built in Ayios Stefanos. You can see the remnants of the previous two on the way to the latest harbour. Even though fairly large it is still a squeeze to get a boat in. Unfortunately, it also suffers from filling with sand which needs to be dredged occasionally.(2013 harbour full of sand, excursion boats leave from Sidari) Prior to dredging depth is reduced at the entrance by sand deposit. This prohibits medium sized yachts which have keels using it

Planners have had thoughts to make a large harbour to cater for some Italy/Corfu ferries being the nearest suitable point to Italy.

M/V Pegasus contact 6932445395

M/V Nearchos contact 2663095248


Car & Bike hire

The village of Ag. Stefanos Corfu is quite compact and hence travelling around the village on foot is not a problem. Within the village there are car rental and motorbike hire firms companies

Traditional transport.

These 19th Century carriages  (Carozza)operate tours around Corfu Town and Sidari. Always determine the final prices before you set out and agreed amount for the entire group, not per person. 

On Corfu there are many taxis (more than 300) circulating. For quick service it is best to catch a taxi at the taxi stands (at Spianada, Neo Limani(new port), Spilia or San Rocco) or call a radio taxi. Taxis 33811-2, 41333, 38071



Corfu understandably has a large number of tourists and because of this some Medical Centres have been set up catering basically for the tourist trade. These generally have association with Hotels etc. The prices charged are more expensive than local prices and can emulate home prices.

A brief word about the system.

Doctors graduate and then need to spend some years doing government service to pay back their study obligation and are thus allocated to villages. A village doctor may be newly graduated and have done their practical internship.

The medical services are good despite the bad publicity from the news media. Still, it was ranked by the World Health Organization as one of the best health care system in the world. State Hospitals do however suffer from lack of funds (especially now & drugs are short) but the service is good and much quicker than you will find in the UK. If you need hospitalisation there is either the State Hospital or private Clinics to choose from. The Clinics are expensive, rely on Medical Insurance and do not have all the facilities and specialisations of the State Hospital. In Corfu we are lucky to have a new hospital. For minor problems and if holding Medical Insurance the clinics are probably the choice, (You will be asked for your Insurance before any treatment.) The State Hospitals have reciprocal arrangements with the NHS if you produce the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) . It is available from the NHS or on-line at

Generally Doctors do not work in a Group Practise and have their own surgery. As opposed to the UK if you need to call-out a doctor all you do is ring him. You may also go directly to a specialist if you know which one or easily seek a second opinion without the wrath of the doctor. All very easy.

Medicines are cheap with EHIC. Remember that there are also other elements to your Health care while on holiday, eg repatriation and therefore you need a Holiday Insurance.

The closest Health Centre to Ayios Stefanos is at Agros on the way into Corfu Town. Doctors:-

Your accommodation will call the local doctor for you and he will charge?

Acharavi:                           (26630) 63938

Agios Georgios (North):        (26630) 96366

Agios Gordis:                      (26610) 53352

Arillas:                               (26630) 51951

Dassia:                              (26610) 97498

Gouvia:                              (26610) 99086

Ipsos:                                (26610) 93645

Kassiopi:                             (26630) 81661

Paleokastritsa:                     (26630) 41040

Pyrgi:                                 (26610) 97497

Roda:                                 (26630) 63466

Sidari:                                 (26630) 95344

Agios Georgios (South):         (26620) 52043

Benitses:                            (26610) 72429

Kavos:                               (26620) 61221

Moraitika:                           (26610) 75203

Perama:                             (26610) 23880